Massey Ferguson MF-375 75hp Tractors for Sale in Botswana

Model / Type: Massey Ferguson MF 375
Horse Power: 75hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 4.1D
Colour: Red
Condition: Brand New


Hydrostatic Steering
Hydraulic Position Control
Heavy Duty Front Axle Support
High P.T.O Power

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Massey Ferguson 375 75HP 2WD tractor is a powerful and efficient machine designed for agricultural tasks. With its robust build and aerodynamic shape, the MF 375 is built to withstand tough working conditions. The engine boasts a 4.1L capacity which is fuel-efficient and high-performing, capable of generating 75 horsepower at 2200 rpm. The hydrostatic steering and hydraulic position control make it easy to operate and maneuver in the field. The MF 375 is also equipped with heavy-duty front support, efficient oil-immersed disc brakes, and high-capacity dual fuel filters. This popular tractor model from Massey Ferguson 300 Series Tractors is highly efficient in the field and is a favorite among farmers due to its durability and efficiency.

The Massey Ferguson 375 75HP 2WD tractor has become a favorite among farmers for its reliability and affordability. It is a low-maintenance tractor that can be used in various farming operations such as ploughing, planting, and harvesting. Its rugged design and powerful engine make it ideal for use in harsh environments, where other tractors may struggle to cope. As a result, it has gained a reputation for being a reliable and efficient workhorse that can handle any task on the farm.