Farm Implements

Tractors PK, manufactures of modern farm implements like Disc Plough, Offset Disc Harrow, Agricultural Loader. Chisel Plough, Ridger, Mould Board Plough, Bed Shape Planter, Boom Sprayer, Rotary Tiller Cultivator and many more to help the farmers and improve an agricultural process in Botswana.

These modern farm implements are helpful for farming in Botswana as they provide power to the farming norms; they provide effectiveness and efficiency to the farming system. Botswana farmers can use the tractor attachments that we offer as an integral operator to enhance overall power. Farm types of equipment for sale by our company help the farmer in Botswana to promote progressive planting, tilling and even ploughing on the field.

Tractors PK offers export quality farm implements that are extremely helpful to modify farming machinery in Botswana. These modern farming types of equipment help the farmers to grow their crops effectively, and they make agriculture easy through brand new farm implements in Botswana.

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