New Holland 480S 55hp Tractors for sale for Sale in Botswana

Model / Type: New Holland 480S
Horse Power: 55hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color: Orange

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The New Holland 480S 55hp tractor stands as a powerful and affordable option for farmers seeking a reliable and efficient agricultural machine. The New Holland 480S tractor boasts a horsepower of 55 HP, making it suitable for a range of farming tasks. Powered by its 2.7-liter diesel engine, this tractor offers enough strength to handle various agricultural operations efficiently. Its 4-stroke 3-cylinder design ensures smooth performance and optimal fuel efficiency.

Additionally, the tractor comes with 2WD (two-wheel drive), enabling it to maneuver through different terrains with ease. Equipped with power steering, the New Holland 480S tractor provides farmers with enhanced control and comfort during long working hours. The ergonomic design of the tractor ensures reduced operator fatigue, allowing for increased productivity. Furthermore, the tractor’s sturdy construction and reliable components make it durable and able to withstand demanding farming conditions.