FAQ’s about Tractors PK in Botswana

Who is the number one tractor brand in Botswana?
Massey Ferguson Tractor brand is the number 1 tractor in Botswana.

Who is the top tractor dealer In Botswana?
Tractors PK is the top supplier and tractor dealer of world re-known brand Massey Ferguson and New Holland and farm implements in Botswana.

What about used tractors if the customer interested?
It’s possible to arrange on the basis of customer request but it will time taken process. We suggest you come up to buy Brand new tractors in Botswana.

Where is the tractors stock located in Botswana?
We have a huge stock of Massey Ferguson Tractors & farm implements ready for shipment from Pakistan to Botswana.

What is the price of tractors in Botswana?
Tractors PK offers affordable prices in Botswana for brand new tractors and their attachments.

How can I make the payment in Botswana?
Usually, customers use Telegraphic Transfer (TT) for making payments and we accept currency in US dollars.

What about the availability of tractors spare parts?
Tractor spare parts are available on the basis of the customer’s request.

How to order Massey Ferguson tractors & farm implements in Botswana?
All the details available on our website https://www.tractorspk.co.bw, do visit and send us your requirements.