Tractor Forklift

Technical Specifications of a Tractor Forklift
• Size: from 8 ft. to 18 ft.
• Mounted on the back of a tractor
• Capable of carrying heavy loads


Product Overview
A tractor forklift is useful when farmers want to move around small items that are heavy and place them at a site. They can take help of a tractor forklift by attaching it to their tractor and lift and move heavy objects in their farms safely.
Uses and Benefits of a Tractor Forklift
• Tractor forklifts are used for lifting and moving loads over short distances
• Small and compact size
• Can work in narrow and tight places
• Highly manoeuvrable
• Capable of lifting heavy loads
• Can be operated simply and requires easy maintenance to lengthen its service life
• A safe way of lifting and moving loads
Usage in Botswana
Smallholder farms can use tractor forklifts in their small farms as it can work in small and narrow areas quite easily. For small scale farms or workplaces, it is quite a convenient option as it does not occupy much space, as compared to huge agricultural loaders. African farmers can purchase tractor implements and all their farm implements from Tractors PK in Africa.